1. NCIS New Orleans

Florida A&M University, 1978

EP 11, Six (6) appearances as background character/medical staff/street scenes.

BS Degree, Major  |  Drama/Theater & Radio Broadcasting

2. Our Brand in Crises

Featured role as a Bolivian (cholita) native.

John McDonough High School, 1973

High School Diploma

3. GEO Storm

Featured in role as east Indian native-Mubi Storm  featured in role as Bolivian Midwife.


4. Kenney Chesney/Country Big Revival

Music Video -- Featured in role as Voodoo, gypsy dancer.

5. Magician, Scifi-Fox Pilot Show

John Robert Powers/Launch

Auditioning & Role Play

Veleka Gray

Featured in New York street scene.

TV, Script Reading, Monologue & Auditioning

6. Hot Pursuit

Jim Gleason

Featured in Sweet 16 party scene.

TV, Script Reading, Monologue & Auditioning on Camera

7. Underground

Stephen James - NOLA Voice Talent

TV Pilot, featured as field slave.

Voice Acting

8. Quarry

TV Pilot, featured as neighborhood resident.

9. Zoo

TV Pilot, featured as Brazilian native.

10. Queen Sugar

Season 1, EP 13, featured in Voiceover role as farmer at board meeting.

11. Plaquemines

New Orleans Short Film Festival 2016, supporting in role as Gert.

2017 Hollywood South Awards

Nominated Background Actor's Guild Award

Underground 2015

Field Slave

Daddy's Home 2015

Bolivian Midwife

Queen Sugar 2016

Season 1, EP 13, featured in Voiceover role as farmer at board meeting

 On Set with

Paula Pete

Life on stage started at an early age for Paula Pete.  Initially shy, Paula gained her sense of confidence as she learned how to captivate audiences through the performing arts. As her confidence grew, her self-expression blossomed to encompass modern dance, baton twirling, track, tennis, modeling and theater arts.


During high school, Paula won numerous dance competitions and was eventually selected to be a "regular" dancer on a local television show, which resulted in her consistent exposure to studio production at a very young age.  This experience led to Paula's choice to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. She majored in Drama/Theater & Radio Broadcasting at Florida A&M University, where she managed the campus radio station (WAMF), and ultimately received her Bachelor's degree. Since then, Paula's career has taken many twists and turns, including work in radio promotions marketing and public relations.


But now, after 40 years, she has returned to her true love and sincere passion, the performing arts.   One of Pete's favorite sayings is that, "life is a stage", and after years of working in the background as a supporting artist, she is ready to take front and center in her rightful place in the industry. As stated in her own words, "I have put in the work, I've practiced and studied, and I feel the timing is right! My motto is to never give up on your dream, no matter how long it takes!



(504) 722-9497



(504) 722-9497